6KVA to 3250KVA

Stable and Reliable Power Solution

At PowerLink, we can provide professional power supply solutions for our customers no matter the power consumption requirements of the customer or location of the generator. We can provide customers with open type, canopy sets and containerised generators, with each option able to provide our customers with a reliable peak or continuous power supply, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.

Power diversification

Reliability and Durability

Diesel generators are known for their ruggedness and ability to provide continuous power over extended periods of time.

Power security

Power security

Avoid power interruptions by seamlessly switching to alternative energy sources that don’t rely on the grid.

Energy efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines are more fuel efficient than many other types of engines, especially when operating under high load.

Renewable sources

Availability of fuel

Diesel fuel is readily available worldwide and is easier to source and replenish than other fuels.

Emissions reduction

High Power Output

Diesel generators are capable of high power output, making them suitable for applications with demanding electrical loads.

Where are Diesel to Power solutions needed?

We will provide a complete set of solutions and after-sales service for diesel generators and auxiliary equipment.

Installation and testing of diesel generators

Installation and testing of diesel generators

Outdoor installation environment display of diesel engine

Outdoor installation environment display of diesel engine

Diesel Powers Local Businesses Outdoor Display

Diesel Powers Local Businesses Outdoor Display

Diesel to Power

PowerLink Diesel Generators are compatible of meeting global emission and electrical standards including non- emission, Stage IIIA, European Stage V and Tier 4 Final.


We are able to provide our customers with the following items for their diesel generators :

  • Synchronisation Panels
  • Busbar Panels
  • Switchgear Panels
  • ATS Panels
  • Remote Control Facilities
Project Engineering

>> Project Engineering

After the diesel geneset products arrive at the site, we can also provide users with mechanical and electrical installation engineering design, construction and technical guidance services for the equipment.

After Sale Service

>> After Sale Service

PowerLink provides customers with after-sales services such as electromechanical installation, unit commissioning, unit maintenance, unit repair, product training, and remote technical support worldwide.

Accessories Support

>> Accessories Support

PowerLink has parts at each of our warehouses around the world with sufficient stock enabling customers to receive spare parts at any time.

Service Solutions

Our high-quality associated services are one of our main factors driving the long-term cooperation between PowerLink and our customers. We offer our customers the full package of services associated with repair and technical support of its own, and third-party, equipment.


Our commissioning package enables our customers to obtain a fully functioning generator, prepared for operation when required.


Upon a project being completed, PowerLink carries out a pilot operation of the project to ensure the generator can run to the customer’s required specifications.


Periodic equipment inspection and diagnostics as well as technical consultations with the customer help prevent troubles and standbys. PowerLink specialists perform maintenance and repair at a time convenient for the customer over the entire equipment operation period.


We are capable to conduct any potential repairs or overhauls on our generators, regardless of the complexity of the project. OEM parts, consumable materials and their analogues are delivered from our Shanghai warehouse, but we offer spare parts and consumable products to customers all over the world.


Upon request of the customer, we can upgrade our previously supplied or third-party equipment. The aim of such upgrading is normally to increase the capacity of the existing system, as well as modernise the control system to simplify the operating system of the generator.


Upon request, our customers can have their personnel trained by our PowerLink team to ensure the correct procedure when running and maintaining our generators. The training process can either be arranged at the customer’s property or a PowerLink property around the world.


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