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Service Center

Our comprehensive suite of service offerings ensures our customers receive a comprehensive support experience. It starts with in-depth product training, which includes instructions for installation, repair and maintenance. We also provide a strong online service, supporting remote operation and direct communication through platforms such as telephone and WeChat.

For more hands-on support, our team is capable of on-site commissioning, testing and repairs. Additionally, as we understand changing technology needs, we provide system upgrades and planned maintenance, ensuring our clients’ equipment remains at the forefront of efficiency.

Finally, to ensure continuity and minimize downtime, we also offer a dedicated supply of spare parts. Through these services, we aim to provide unparalleled support and a seamless experience to all users.

Spare parts:

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Perkins Water Separator

Perkins Water Separator

Service Kits

Service Kits

Water Separator

Water Separator

Service Items:

  1. Product training includes guide for installation, repairing, maintenance etc.
  2. Online service includes remote operation and calling directly(Tel/We-chat)
  3. On-site debugging, testing and repairing
  4. System upgrade and planned maintenance
  5. Spare parts supplying

Online Warranty Support

We appreciate your decision to select Powerlink products. In addition to offering top-notch products, our team of professional and technical experts is also committed to providing fast and responsive after-sales service. We offer 24/7 online support to ensure that you receive professional assistance at any time.

Your feedback is highly valued as it allows us to continuously enhance the customer experience. Rest assured, we are dedicated to establishing a comprehensive after-sales service system for your convenience. If you have any inquiries regarding the purchased unit, please click on the provided link below to submit your after-sales needs online. We will promptly get in touch with you.


Diesel generator, lighting tower:

The warranty period is determined based on the earlier occurrence of three events: when the unit leaves the factory, when it is received, or when it is enabled.

①From the time it leaves factory, within 18 months.

②Operated Units, 12 months afterdelivery or operation within 2000 hours.

③Standby units, 24 months afterdelivery or within 500 hours of operation.

Gas generator:

The warranty period is determined by the earliest of three events: the time the unit leaves the factory, the time it is debugged, or the time it is enabled.

①From the time it leaves factory, within18 months.

②The calculation is based on the time spent debugging with the report or the time when the customer receives the units (excluding the report) within 12 months.

③According to the starting time of theunit, the total operating hours are within 8000 hours.

On-line Service Management

  1. Distribute worksheet
  2. View service progress
  3. ECIF customer information management
  4. Customer satisfaction survey
  5. Service report
  6. Worksheet summary
  7. Operation data analysis
  8. Inventory management

After Sales Service Policy

Power Link stands behind the quality of our products and offers a comprehensive warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If any issues arise, our dedicated after-sales service department will promptly address them with genuine accessories for your peace of mind. You can trust Power Link to provide reliable solutions and support for all your needs. Please refer to the attachment for specific warranty items.



①The customer shall send thecustomer repair form” to theservice mailbox.

②Upon receipt of the application, the engineer will ask the customer for details ot the fault and the service team will analyze the fault.

③We will use remote services to resolve the problem first.

④When the remote service failsto solve the problem, we willarrange engineers to provideon-site service.

⑤After the engineer solves the problem on site, the customer signs to confirm the service content, and then the service is completed.


①The customer shall send the”service application form” to the service mailbox.

②Upon receipt of the application, the engineer will ask the customer for details of the fault and the service team will analyze the fault.

③We will quotes for the service.

④The customer agrees to the quotation and pays.

⑤We will arrange engineers within three working days after receiving the payment .

⑥After the engineer solves the problem on site, the customer signs to confirm the service content, and then the service is completed.




We are always by your side, and we can provide you the best experience in sales, services and support whether you are a first-time buyer of PowerLink units or a return client for replacement units, parts or other type of goods, our expertise in the industry will offer you the best support.




Not to worry if you have any unsolved technical problems, leave your issues to us and we will provide the answers you need.


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