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Since 2001 PowerLink has provided expertly crafted generators, lighting towers and other products to a wide variety of customers. As a customer energy equipment manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our vision, innovative ideas, stability within the industry, and with our extensive skills and knowledge, we are well-positioned to provide excellent service and solutions to targeted markets.


PowerLink insists on manufacturing high-quality and environmentally friendly products to serve global users. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we have set up a branch office and warehouse in Florida, USA, in order to facilitate the needs of customers in North America and Latin America with a fast delivery service.

PowerLink’s T4F series diesel generator set is designed to meet the most stringent emission standards for the North American market as set by the EPA, with every unit we manufacture attaining CE, ISO, UL and other certifications. These diesel generator sets enable customers to access more than just generators as we also provide lighting equipment, battery systems and much more. Our products are highly reliable and are always up-to-date with the Tier 4 emissions standards regulations.



Our global network of factories and warehouses sets us apart, ensuring fast delivery around the world, with facilities located in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Our company is dedicated to providing a industry leading distribution network and sales support to our distributors in global markets, ensuring we are able to provide a good customer experience throughout a project.

PowerLink has achieved an impressive milestone delivering over 125,000 products to our global customer base within 98 countries. This accomplishment is a testament to the quality and speed of our product supply and services which ensure customers’ needs are met.


  • We have the expertise and swiftness to complete a customers project. Our capabilities are such that any project can be undertaken with confidence, and we can take prompt action to ensure objectives are satisfied in an expeditious manner.
  • At PowerLink, customer success is at the forefront of everything we do, and with our comprehensive service solutions, coupled with our expertise in the industry, we are here to support you and help you reach your goals, without compromising on quality.
  • The utilization of modern machinery and expertise in cutting-edge technology provides our products with superior quality results.
  • PowerLink stands out from other manufacturing companies due to its immense investment in cutting-edge machinery and technology.
  • Our CNC machines enable us to consistently reach and surpass the exacting standards of the industry.
  • PowerLink is committed to providing excellent customer service and constantly upgrades its infrastructure with cutting-edge technology. With a focus on product and process optimization, PowerLink efficiently meets the demands of clients while remaining competitive in the industry.


We provide after-sales service and a full range of genuine spare parts to customers worldwide.

At PowerLink, customer success is highly valued, and we provide service solutions as well as our full expertise to help you reach your goals.

We  ensure optimum performance and extending the life of each generator set through its after-sales service department.

A first-class support system is provided by an experienced and highly qualified technical team, as well as a wide range of spare parts, which are always in stock.

Throughout the sales process, including after sales, we aim to provide our customers with an efficient service. We aim to help our customers by providing an all round support service, which can help all of our customers, no matter what size their project is.



PowerLink is dedicated to providing the highest quality service standards, as exemplified by our ISO 9001 certification and every three years, we undergo an in-depth audit and re-certification process. Maintaining this certification requires two intensive multi-day audits every year to evaluate our operation processes from sales, research & development all the way through manufacturing and service.

At PowerLink, we aim to provide our customers with superior quality goods and services at highly competitive prices, and we are continually enhancing our products in order to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, cost, and delivery times. Our commitment to this philosophy has been the key factor behind our success.


  • Customize your program.
  • Provide solutions that satisfy even the most complex requirements.
  • Focus on delivering a range of components that meet specific design criteria. 
  • Strive to provide reliable energy solutions so that businesses can grow and communities can prosper.
  • Recommend the right choice of energy and professional rental solutions to increase productivity.
  • Provide all of our customers with the most innovative, up-to-date and efficient products on the market.
  • Focus on our own sustainability to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations.
  • Provide different packaging options such as wooden pallets or reusable metal structures.
  • Provide marketing solutions such as packaging with private logos.
  • Help customers to choose from various logistics solutions.


Good maintenance is vital for a generator’s performance, with properties laces like hospitals, airports and data centers requiring reliable power 24 hours a day, that’s why it’s important to keep them at critical power levels. Load testing the generator after completing any necessary maintenance tasks is an essential part of the maintenance program, and we can provide tailored contracts to fit customers’ needs.

Additionally, a backup generator can be used while load testing the main generator if needed.For any after-sales enquiries, please email and a member of our team will look to help you as soon as possible.

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